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Proven Process for the successful delivery of your organization's Vision

PoinTek Solutions "Takes Point" for an in depth discovery of Business Goals and Technology Initiatives to expertly apply the Best Technology Solution by the Best Positioned Provider for the successful delivery of your organization's Vision.


PoinTek Solutions fills the void! Our Proven "Life Cycle Management" keeps your organization on a course of success. PoinTek currently manages 2500+ Cloud Based Unified Communications seats and is instrumental in the design and implementation. In addition, PoinTek found thousands of dollars savings from a complete audit of billing of current services.

Image by Nadine Shaabana


Business Goals & Initiatives


Technology Initiatives


Current Infrastructure


Wireless Survey & Design


Determine Desired Outcome

Image by William Daigneault


Technical Solution Defined


Partner Solution Defined


Evaluate  For Best Provider

Engineering Plans


Project Plan Created


Training Plan Created


Final Negotiation with Provider


Review Contract

Image by Mitchell Luo


Execute Contracts



Project Management



Progress Meetings

Image by Matthew Waring


Invoice Audits






Ticket Escalation

Image by Bill Oxford


Account Reviews




Technology Updates




Upgrade Downgrade as required

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